Sharing Tools, If Only For Myself

Since I’m learning a batch of new tools as part of the day job, I wanted to make note of something that came through TechoLawyer last week. I figured the best place to keep it, and share it for anyone who might want to learn more about these tools as well, would be to post it here. So, here it goes!

Are you a LexisNexis LAW PreDiscovery®, Concordance®, CaseMap® or TextMap® software user? Did you know that there are value-add training tools that can help subscribers manage their data more effectively and efficiently?

Here are just a few of the incredible resources available:


The LAW PreDiscovery Answer Center is an online repository with tips and tutorials to help you get the most out of LAW PreDiscovery.

On-site custom or standard certification training classes are conducted by experienced professionals at the user’s office or at a local LexisNexis center. Learn more about LAW PreDiscovery training.

Additionally, webinars are available for LAW PreDiscovery users who want to learn the basics of this prediscovery software solution.


LexisNexis offers Concordance users access to the new Concordance Answer Center. This powerful online learning center brings together Concordance and Concordance Image®. The Answer Center is updated in real-time with the latest product updates and user guides. Users can get started quickly and intuitively by following links to popular topics and resources or by browsing the site using the Contents, Index and Search tabs.

Users can also sign up for both onsite and online classes with LexisNexis Concordance solution training professionals.

Get more information on Concordance training classes.

And browse upcoming webinars.


LexisNexis offers a variety of training options to help CaseMap users learn more about this suite of case analysis and fact management products. The CaseMap Answer Center contains information about migrating case files, managing SQL case files, and also hosts online tutorials.

For just the fundamentals, users can participate in a 60-minute complimentary phone session on the core functionality of CaseMap. Each session is conducted one-on-one with hands-on software training.

Finally, a collection of more than 50 pre-recorded training events are posted in the CaseMap webinar center. Users are welcome to view the pre-recorded sessions anytime at no charge.

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