Always a good warning

As someone who has been job-hunting online, I’ve seen my share of these types of scam emails. I’m glad to see someone getting the word out about these things. The best ones though are the “we can help you get you a job, but we can’t give out any private information about how we do that, if you’re interested send us an email at with ‘more information’ in the subject line, and we’ll tell you how you can buy the information from us!”. How dumb do I look? (link via the Job Blog.)

Speaking of the job hunt, I’m currently facing a catch-22, if you will. I don’t, as a matter of principle, name the place I work anywhere on my blog. That means that I can’t really put up a copy of my resume and ask for suggestions about how it might be better. On the other hand, most of the people who read this blog work in IT and probably are the best resource for that kind of thing. What to do, what to do…

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