Tumblr Impressions: Commenting

So as I’ve been using Tumblr a bit as a fun little experiment, one of the things that struck me about the service is the lack of commenting. That seemed a bit odd to me. Sure I could always reblog a post and make my own little note about it, but sometimes I just wanted to make a comment, not create a new post on my blog.

Now I get that Tumblr is designed around the reblog, I’ve even had a couple of things reblogged, and reblogged a couple of things myself so it’s not completely foreign. It’s actually kind of a cool little feature, and super simple. But, I sort of missed just having comments.

Then today, I stumbled across a Tumblr blog that had comments. In fact, it had Disqus running, the same commenting plugin I use on WordPress. Sure enough, I went over to Disqus and registered the Tumblr blog over there, and getting comments using Disqus really couldn’t have been any easier.

So, strike down that first impression of Tumblr. I’m sure I’ll have more impressions as I continue along!

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