New Beta Friendfeed Unveils Friend lists, gets better

Friendfeed rolled out a new beta, with some new features. My favorite, and the one that really does help make Friendfeed better is Friends list. Finally, I can separate out my tech contacts from my personal contacts, or maybe the folks who write a lot about social media and tend to create a lot of extra noise can go in their own list, one that I check a bit less frequently than the list of folks I really, really want to follow on Friendfeed.

In essence, friend lists allows me to replicate my favorite feature of Google Reader, folders. Folders allows me to separate RSS feeds out by subject matter, which I can prioritize accordingly when I have limited time.

I still don’t see it as a replacement for Google Reader, or any RSS reader for that matter (no full text feeds!), but it just got a little easier to filter out the noise, and that’s always a plus!

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