ILTA 08 links for Tuesday

Looks like things are picking up on the blogs and Twitter today. Glad to see it, but it can still be better!

Collaboration Tools and Technologies for Lawyers (at ILTA) Knowledge Management
ILTA talk on Social Networking — Boon or Boondoggle; Tuesday afternoon
ILTA online discussion : What a difference two years makes
ILTA KM 3: Universal (Enterprise) Search
Social Networking – Marketing Boon, Malpractice Nightmare or Simple Boondoggle
Enterprise Content Management (from ILTA)
ILTA ? WestBlog.net – West is doing a number of videos from ILTA 08, you can see them as they are posted here.
LiveNote at ILTA
Enterprise Content Management
Web 2.0 – What is Means to Law Firms
Web 2.0 in Law Firms (from ILTA)
Beyond Matter-Centricity – Full Matter Life Cycle Management (at ILTA)
CIOs on IT Payoff and Project Management

As always, if I’m missing someone that you know about, leave a link in the comments!

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