Maybe I use it too much?

So today, with the weather having been miserably cold, and about to get even worse, I was just looking for an excuse to leave the house for more than the 15 minutes we spent taking photos yesterday. Since I got a Best Buy gift card for Christmas and hadn’t found anything to really do with it, we headed out to Best Buy. I decided to pick up a wireless mouse for my laptop, for two reasons.

One, as my wife was showing me how to use layers in Gimp, she remarked that I would really need a mouse to do fine maneuvering, the touch pad wasn’t going to do.

The second reason, was because I had noticed that, apparently, I use my laptop so much that the silver/gray material that is on the touch pad in HP laptops, is actually starting to wear away on mine, and discoloration is setting in. It hasn’t affected the performance, but it looks pretty uncool. 🙂

Maybe this will help keep the touch pad functioning a little longer.

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