Time for action!

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OK AOL backers. Here’s a few questions for you. (Yes they are blocking Trillian again, and there’s a new version out today…blah blah blah.) If AOL is so all fired up about Trillian “hacking” their network, why is ICQ not … Continued

Trillian News

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According to GeekNews either Trillian isn’t working or AIM is doing something to keep Trillian from working! Depending on who’s perspective you want to take, there is either a bug in Trillian or AOL is playing games again to keep … Continued

Not much of a party…

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Yup we got a few copies of the My Party virus here at work. As a test, I decided to not send a warning out. Since I’ve explicitly told everyone here at least a dozen times that they should never, … Continued

Monday, Monday.

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Stephen Gielda has a nice little article about internal system security, and stresses how the weakest link in network security is inside your office, not outside. Monday for me has been rather uneventful. Staff Meeting this morning didn’t even ruin … Continued

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