Monday, Monday.

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Stephen Gielda has a nice little article about internal system security, and stresses how the weakest link in network security is inside your office, not outside. Monday for me has been rather uneventful. Staff Meeting this morning didn’t even ruin … Continued

New Toys!

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Well Blogger Pro is working for me now. Can’t wait to do some playing with it! Perhaps I’ll even setup a mail list so you can get my new posts emailed to you or something. I like the item title … Continued

Blogtrack Fix

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Jevon, from is working on a fix as we speak. Of course since I have lost the ability to ftp to my own domain, I don’t know when anyone will actually get this update! And the hosting company was … Continued

Bug Report

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Should it scare me that someone got here by searching for “My wife left me for another man” ? I’m number 6 in that search, wow..:) I’ve filed a bug report with Blogtrack. It seems that the webmaster of Geek’s … Continued

Finding Good Blogs

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Rogi had a suggestion for tracking blogs. It’s definitely got the whole list, but it’s huge! I don’t know that I’d have time to use it regularly, but it would be fun to go and explore during a slow … Continued

Home Sick

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There won’t be much updating today. I’m home sick with the flu, I guess. So unless you want to hear about all the wonderful things I’m doing, like taking medicine, sleeping, having hot and cold flashes and generally lying in … Continued

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