New Toys!

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Well Blogger Pro is working for me now. Can’t wait to do some playing with it! Perhaps I’ll even setup a mail list so you can get my new posts emailed to you or something. I like the item title … Continued

Blogtrack Fix

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Jevon, from is working on a fix as we speak. Of course since I have lost the ability to ftp to my own domain, I don’t know when anyone will actually get this update! And the hosting company was … Continued

Bug Report

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Should it scare me that someone got here by searching for “My wife left me for another man” ? I’m number 6 in that search, wow..:) I’ve filed a bug report with Blogtrack. It seems that the webmaster of Geek’s … Continued

Finding Good Blogs

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Rogi had a suggestion for tracking blogs. It’s definitely got the whole list, but it’s huge! I don’t know that I’d have time to use it regularly, but it would be fun to go and explore during a slow … Continued

Home Sick

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There won’t be much updating today. I’m home sick with the flu, I guess. So unless you want to hear about all the wonderful things I’m doing, like taking medicine, sleeping, having hot and cold flashes and generally lying in … Continued

Using Blogtrack

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Frank Mcpherson picked up on my rant about the clutter at He’s going to give Blogtrack a try. Let us know how it goes Frank! As for my own opinion, I like it. It’s a bit slow to check … Continued

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