Things I noticed over the weekend

Over at Christine’s I saw the term bloggerbated for the first time. “No honey I was up all nite bloggerbating, what did you think I said?” *L* I will have to bloggerbate by myself for a few days as Angela’s hosting provider, (aka her brother) is moving and will have the server down for a few days starting tomorrow.

We’ve discussed previously the pickupyourowndamnsocks site, and some ideas for the male response. I have to admit I never thought of this one. (link via Robyn.)

Today’s the big day for Shelby. I’m sure we’ll all be thinking about you and checking Camille’s site for updates! Good luck!

Hmm there are 6 outside links in this post, one to a site that allows you to complain about women, and the other 5 all point to women bloggers. Somewhere that makes sense, right?

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