More on that last post

Shannon made an interesting point in the comments on that last post about IT outsourcing: “What gets me more is that you have to have patience with your co-workers as they repeat the same mistakes again and again (like trying to send an email with a 15mb attachment). When you outsource this kinda stuff, people…

IT stress

An IT director’s lot is not a happy one. No suprise here really, network security and virus threats keep all of us on our toes, and if you’re unlucky enough to be the place where the buck stops when it comes to being responsible for this stuff, it’s a pretty stressful situation. On the other…


Busting the Biggest PC Myths This was pretty fun, and would probably be educational to some of your end users! Especially the ones who always seem to think they know better than you do. 🙂

Birthday gifts

Yeah you might not be jealous of the external hard drive, the SCTV DVD set, a couple of other CD’s, some clothes and books, etc. But I know you all are jealous that I got this for my birthday! Update: You can see them in action over on Angela’s blog.

Tip of the Week

This is actually the topic of my weekly email to the staff at work, something interesting that I discovered yesterday. One of my users was trying to send a mail list to one of our vendors. She had it saved as an Excel file with over 4000 records. The file was over 2MB in size….