New ESBN features

I was off-line most of the weekend, celebrating Angela’s birthday with both of our families, so I hadn’t noticed until I grabbed the copy/paste code for that last entry that had added some features. Obviously the “rate this content” is new, and given the close race between thumbs up and thumbs down my posts…

I was a young blogger

I just noticed something. Over on the list of folks who subscribe to this blog via Bloglines, there are a couple listed as having been subscribed since January 1, 1970. That means I was blogging at 1.5 years old, right? Gee I hope I’ve gotten better since then. Tags: Bloglines ESBN 56326-060227-480400-27 Rate content:

Windows Defender again

I noted last week that it seemed odd that the new definitions I was prompted to download were dated 4 days ago. I’ve been prompted to download 2 updates since then, so obviously, they are updating the def files often. However last night’s definitions were dated Feb. 15, 6 days from the date they were…

Windows Defender

I downloaded the new beta for what they are now calling Windows Defender the other night. (Formally known as Microsoft Anti-Spyware) It’s definitely a clean interface, and it seems to run a bit quicker. A “quick-scan” of my laptop system only took 3 minutes. That seems faster than I remember most products quick scans taking….