Hi, I’m Mike McBride. I’ve been blogging since 2001, starting with what was, in essence, a blog about technology and being a One-Man IT Department. Over the years, my career has taken some twists and turns, as well as my interests, so now you will find blog posts covering everything from Social Networking, Law firms and Litigation Support, Travel, Training and yes, I’m still writing about technology! I’ve even branched out into Photography and Sports Talk on sub-pages to this site.

I also write about being a survivor of child abuse, on another site that I maintain.

I’m also a teacher, in previous professions, and in my heart. I want to learn new things and share them. That’s why I write on these blogs, why I share things on social media and why I strive to find new information, interesting ideas, love and truth. I want to find things and ideas that are worth telling other people about.

Just in case the fact that my name is in the URL didn’t clue you in, you should know that this is my website, updated and run in my own free time. That means, I get the final say on any and all disputes over comments and other drama. It also means that I make no promises about what I will, or will not talk about, nor how often I update. Of course, it also means that all opinions expressed by me are mine alone. If you don’t understand that a website with my name on it reflects just my opinions, and not that of any organization I work for, or am affiliated with, you should probably just quit reading now.

Now, with that out of the way, welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy the stay and feel free to inject your own ideas to the conversation. Lord knows it won’t be very interesting if it’s just me out here!