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Friends are Hard to Define

I’ve been randomly taking a look at Facebook’s “People you may know” feature over the last week or however long it’s been available. It occurs to me today that this feature is actually a perfect example of the limits of the “friend” definition on Facebook and other social networking services. Here’s an example. I have…

Another Campaign

Yesterday, both Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe, of the Technorama Podcast, and fellow Friends in Tech members, announced that they are running against one another for the office of PodPresident. If you know these guys from their podcast, then you know that this election will be way more interesting, and entertaining, than that “other one”….


Friends in Deed

OK, pardon me, but I just wanted to do a little plug for the Friends in Tech blog, mostly because when asked about recovering a forgotten password from a protected PST file, I knew I had seen Kevin Devin talk about that before, and sure enough, there it is on the FiT blog. Turns out,…

End of an Era

Today the last episode of In the Trenches was released. The show will be missed, but as I mentioned in the audio I gave them to use, it’ll be very interesting to see what sorts of things Kevin and George will be getting into now! Technorati Tags: IntheTrenches, Finale