Special Holiday Podcast

Douglas Welch started the project, and has asked all the fellow Friends in Tech to pitch in and help out with the Wish Book Holiday Podcast. Here’s what Douglas has in mind:

* Visit The Wish Book site
* Find a toy or other object that you remember from your childhood
* Tell us a story about the toy or object
* In the end, the stories don’t have to be based on the catalogs. Tell us your favorite personal holiday story is fine, too

Try to include the following information in your recording:

* Your Name and Home Town Location i.e. Douglas E. Welch from New London, Ohio
* The catalog and page where you found you item (So that others can see a picture of it)
* Your story

Your story can be whatever you wish — a real-time discussion with siblings, “hey do you remember that? Didn’t you leave that out in the rain?” to amore structured “I remember this…” type of story. Let yourself go! Tell us what made this item so special to you.
If I receive enough submissions for The Wish Book, I will create a daily podcast running from Thanksgiving Day through until Christmas or New Years.

Check out the website for all the info if you’re interested in participating. I’m going to be looking through the catalogs this week to try and get a good story recorded and sent over to Douglas, I hope you’ll consider it too!

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