Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 17, 2021

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 17, 2021

Spirited ESI Search Arguments

What’s in a Name (or Hash Value)?

Ultimate Guide to Mental Health in the Workplace

Social media managers grapple with burnout, leaving the industry

Networking Tips for Business Professionals Working Remotely

Where does the cybersecurity skills gap stem from and what can businesses do to overcome it?

Client Portals Are Now an Essential Service for Law Firms to Offer

The New Battles to Come Over Working From Home

How to Support Your Remote Teams’ Mental Health in 2021 and Beyond

5 Online Learning Platforms to Help Bolster your Resume

New Microsoft Teams Features for 2021

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 10, 2021

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 10, 2021

Don’t Let Ephemeral Messaging Apps Blow Up Your Ediscovery Matter

Stress In The Workplace: Three takes for you to consider

Saying a Production is Incomplete Does Not Make it True

Mini-guide to help employee’s mental health through winter

Whoops…Fabricated Text Messages Discovered

Relativity acquires VerQu to capture communication data

Announcing the 2021 State of the Industry Report!

How to Protect and Empower Kids Online: An Interview with Wired Human

What’s on the Horizon for Law Firms in 2021?

Remembering those the Legal Tech Community Lost in 2020

The ‘rise of the worker’ is here, and employees are calling the shots

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 3, 2021

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 3, 2021

Working all the time isn’t the same thing as productivity

Section 230: everything you need to know about the law protecting internet speech

Will Remote Work Be the End of the 40-Hour Week?

Here We Go Again? A Running Listing of eDiscovery Events in 2021

The most important blog post

Ways to build business relationships remotely

16 Ideas to Implement in Your Professional and Personal Relationships in 2021

Further Lessons in NOT Producing Discovery as PDFs

6 ways tech can combat loneliness and boost mental health during the holidays

iOS Privacy Changes Won’t Harm Small Businesses, Despite Facebook’s Claims

You May See More PTSD Symptoms In Your Employees

Shared Links (weekly) Dec. 27, 2020

Shared Links (weekly) Dec. 27, 2020

Social Media and Mental Health: Dos and Don’ts It’s time to accept that disinformation is a cyber security issue Show Your IT Professionals Some Love A Hackers ‘Shipageddon’ Has Set Sail: Beware of Fake Shipping Messages 7 Cybersecurity Tools On Our Holiday Wish List – skilled professionals right at the top of the list, not…

Shared Links (weekly) Dec. 20, 2020

Shared Links (weekly) Dec. 20, 2020

I’m leaving as CEO due to mental health Five Must-Read eDiscovery Cases from 2020 Microsoft Wants You to Ditch Your Passwords in 2021 Simple Considerations for Not-So-Simple Search Term Translation Five Common Mistakes In Keyword Search: How Many Do You Make? How To Be Open With Your Boss About Your Mental Health: 4 Tips It’s Never…

Shared Links (weekly) Dec. 13, 2020

Shared Links (weekly) Dec. 13, 2020

Cybersecurity for Attorneys: The Ethics of Incident Response

Legal Tech Trends from 2020 and How to Prepare for 2021

New Report Shows Cellphone Encryption Isn’t Really Stopping Cops From Searching Phones

Small Business: Mental Health Resources During the Pandemic

The Challenges of Chat in eDiscovery as COVID Brings Changes in Work Behaviour and Working From Home

3,000 law firms “could be forced to close or merge”

Your Boss is Your Biggest Cyber-threat, Global Remote Work Survey Finds

Cybersecurity giant FireEye says its hacking tools were stolen by a nation-state

How to get your boss to approve the training you want

The eDiscovery Channel (Blog) Has Become the History Channel

The Importance Of Authentic Networking

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Address And Support Employee’s Mental Health