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Next!!! Got the new version of the Restore CD from Compaq, started the restore process, and wham! Crash-ola! Blue Screens, illegal operations, unrecoverable errors. Guess it wasn’t old versions of the cd that caused the crashes, eh? Well after running … Continued

File-swapping case may break new ground

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File-swapping case may break new ground They may have a case, Napster did have a central server and was designed to share MP3’s, many of which they knew would be copyrighted. These guys are simply distributing software that can be … Continued

Restore CD

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Well, well, well turns out that we don’t have the latest version of Compaq’s Restore CD, that would be why a quick restore I was trying to do today kept crashing. Well, either that or there’s a hardware failure, they’re … Continued

Pics from New York

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Finally got some pics from New York uploaded. Including the pics that really made the reality of the World Trade Center tragedy hit home for me. Yeah, there’s a couple of pics of the area, from a distance, with the … Continued

Monday, Monday

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Monday, Monday. Actually today hasn’t been too bad, the new and improved security policy was rolled out this morning to staff, so today’s been busy answering questions, explaining to people what they need to get rid of, and why. We’re … Continued

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