I hate when that happens

Don’t you just hate when an extension update kills off your whole Firefox installation and you have to completely uninstall it, delete all the profile info and start over?

Yeah me too. Goodbye Tabbed Browser Extensions. Going to try it with the Tabbed Browser Preferences extension instead.

Update: a response from Craig with some interesting thoughts:

That’s happened to me more than once. I’ve had to keep a list in notepad of the extensions I really like because of this.

Since not every extension plays well with other extensions, that very atmosphere encourages a minimalist approach. An approach some tout as the reason they won’t switch from IE. They want their browser loaded with functions and dripping bells and whistles right out of the box.

Once you get the browser working sort of the way you want it — STOP. As soon as you try to improve and tweak things, disaster is perched on your shoulder.

I’m thinking that as Mozilla matures, they’re going to have to have a compatibility listing of which extensions work with other extensions.

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