The weekend

Had a rather productive weekend. Finally got around to getting the license and install of VMWare that was part of my Christmas gift this year. Did a quick Red Hat install to make sure everything was working properly. Now I need to purchase some more RAM for the machine it’s running on at home. The…

Back at it

It was a nice 4 day weekend, even though we spent all but the few hours we were at my parents Christmas Day inside the house. It’s still cold and icy here in Columbus, but they are promising us warmer weather starting tomorrow, so maybe some of this ice will, finally, start to melt! I…


Personal Tech update

Just an update on some things I’ve been doing. Angela already wrote about the Roomba, so I’ll leave that alone, other than to say, as a gadget type of guy, I’m fascinated by watching it work. (Of course, the whole point is that it works while you’re doing something else, so I need to break…


What I’ve been doing lately..

In addition to tracking down mysteries of not getting virus def updates or Windows Update automatic downloads this week, I’ve also been working on a few other projects. The first thing I wanted to accomplish was using a trial edition of Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004 to setup an NT Workstation install alongside my XP machine….