Lunchtime shopping

Remember when I said I was going to take that $40 I earned doing a little side tech support and use it to repay some of the places that have helped me be better at my job. Well, I wound up making a $20 donation to, and purchasing two paid subscriptions to newsletters that I had been getting the free version of, Tech Support Alert, and the Office Letter. (The Office letter, by the way, is running a deal where signing up for the paid version gets you a free copy of ActiveWords SE until the end of this week. Not too shabby of a deal…)

So there you go, three resources that I find enough value in to spend a little cash on. There are more, and if/when I do some more side work and bring in some more extra money, I’ll probably be hitting them with donations too! (Depending on how the version 1.0 of Firefox goes for me, that will be high on that list, if you’re curious.)

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