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Deep Bench

I was tuned in to a webinar yesterday by the Cowen Group when one of the speakers talked about the need for a deep bench in Litigation Support. Being a sports fan, I instantly understood exactly what she was saying. Her point was that the firm’s clients experience and expertise when it comes to e-discovery,…


Social Networking as Help Desk

Some interesting observations from a new survey focusing on IT and Social Network usage within larger businesses, but one bit in the article really jumped out at me. End users gave many reasons for doing an end-run around their IT departments: IT is too slow, they have little confidence in the department’s problem-solving abilities, they…

People Have Names

This is a story about something that I experienced at the ILTA conference, but really isn’t related to the conference, it’s just an observation. I wasn’t staying at the Opryland hotel, the conference bank of rooms was sold out, so I found myself staying at the Radisson and shuttling over to the Opryland each morning….

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Why I Can’t Conjure Up Pity For Jim Tressel

I try to keep my feelings, and many opinions, about sports off the blog. But sometimes, sports provides an excellent example of something that applies in the professional realm. One recent example is Jim Tressel resigning from Ohio State. Obviously, I lived in Columbus for some 25 years, I’ve followed OSU football a little, and…