New Version of Trillian

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The new version of Trillian is out. If you don’t know what it is, you can read my review of the previous version here. The new version addresses the biggest concerns I had, as far as adding the ability to … Continued

One of Those Days

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Today is obviously just “one of those days”. I guess I should have known that when I got up early to drop my car off for service and there was no one there. The place is just 2 blocks from … Continued

In the Mail

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Speaking of why I do this website, I got this from one of the hundreds of folks who wandered over from Lockergnome yesterday: “Hi, Mike. I’m another Gnomie visiting your site. I used to be a one man IT dept, … Continued

Gone.scr Virus

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Well, I think the antivirus question I had was answered today. How on earth did something as simple as the gone.scr virus get spread so quickly? Obviously we had some people who we deal with get the virus because it … Continued

Thanks Lockergnome

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Wow, there’s nothing like getting to work in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee (the free crappy office stuff, but, it’s free and unlimited!) and seeing that you’ve already had over 300 hits to the blog today. (And it’s … Continued


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I suppose, since this is a blog about technology, that I have to comment on “IT” or “Ginger” or “Segway”, whatever you choose to call Dean Kamen’s latest invention . Frankly, I’m not overly impressed. Unlike some others , I … Continued

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