For those of you have never had the distinct pleasure of trying to rollover money from a previous employer’s pension fund, into your new employer’s 401(k), be forewarned that it’s nowhere near as simple as you might think it’d be. There are forms that are required to be filled out by your previous employer just so you can get more forms from your current employer instructing you how the funds are to be transferred, which naturally can only be done by filling out more forms for the original pension fund, which need to be notarized and signed by not only you, but also your wife, as if it were her money. (Legally, it totally is. If you have pension money of any sort, you needs your spouse’s permission to do anything with it, including leave it to someone other than your spouse.)

Of course, after all that, now I actually have to wait for someone to process all this paperwork before the funds are released and show up in my new account. Fun all the way around, let me tell you.

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  1. Ah, I can remember when I was still single. Thinking that if something would happen to me, I’d be splitting my estate between my youngest nephew and the daughter of a good friend of mine. And then I did get married. 4 step kids, a wife. A wife!

    And now I’m not even working, playing Mr. Mom now. 8-|

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