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It’s a Small World

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend some time with a small group of folks from my office explaining and demonstrating social networking tools. As part of the demonstration, I went live to my Twitter and Facebook profiles, which was actually a little nerve-wracking. I follow a lot of people on Twitter, some of whom don’t always come across as very professional in their interactions. 🙂

As it turns out though, there wasn’t much that the folks I follow were saying that was worth worrying about, but it was interesting when I had the screen up and the following conversation took place:

Coworker: “You know that person?”
Me: “I know him online, don’t think we’ve ever met, but we travel in some of the same Columbus area tech circles”
Coworker: “I was at his wedding”
Me: ” You know him much better than I do then.” 🙂

That made me think, one, it’s obviously a small world, but also, isn’t that the power of networking, whether offline or online? You never know who you’re going to connect with, and you never know who they’re already connected to!

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