Comedy site has plug pulled

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BBC News | UK | Comedy site has plug pulled Freeserve pulled the plug because it ” was likely to cause “offence and anxiety”. Given the current legal conditions and ISP’s willingness to shutdown a site rather than deal with … Continued

What am I reading today?

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What am I reading today? The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business As Usual. It’s actually a very good book, really has me excited about the potential of making this website all about being a conversation amongst my self and … Continued

The New Paradigm: Back to Basics

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The New Paradigm: Back to Basics – WebReference Update – 011108 On subsequent pages, provide just enough information to define your company but do not “give away the store.” There must be enough of a void in your presentation so … Continued

Rant for today

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Rant for today, Why does it seem like company websites are afraid to just give you basic information, like say, pricing!?!?! We got a mailing from Sprint today about their business dedicated internet access, the mailing said for more information … Continued

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