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What I am Sharing (weekly) Sept. 20, 2020

Five Strategies Building Relationships Remotely

Software Updates and Why They’re Important

Legal advice is often unaffordable. Here’s how more people can get help

This security awareness training email is actually a phishing scam

“A creative phishing campaign uses an email template that pretends to be a reminder to complete security awareness training from a well-known security company.”

No Internal Investigation Is Complete Without ESI

Observations from the Annual ILTA Conference:

Ransomware Increases by 715% in First Half of 2020

E-Discovery Platform RelativityOne Gets Its Next-Generation Interface, Aero UI

Internet Access Has Never Been More Important — and Unequal

What is mental health first aid? Why every workplace should offer it

5 TED Talks That Will Make You Better at Remote Work


What I’m Sharing (weekly) Sept. 6, 2020

There’s No Better Time To Future-Proof Your Firm Than Now

6 steps to creating a workplace mental health & well-being strategy

How To Cope At Work When Anxiety And Depression Take Over

Why Your Staff Are Your Cybersecurity Weak Link

Worried About the Election? Microsoft Launches Deepfake Detection Tool

Working from Home and Boundaries in 2020

4 Ways To Destigmatize Mental Health At Work

At ILTA>ON, Reconnecting Community Through A Virtual Conference

Why the Connection Between Biometric Data and eDiscovery Will Continue to Grow

Business comment: Tackling the stigma of workplace mental health

8 skills for career success in the digital age


What I’m Sharing (weekly) August 30, 2020

Legal Tech Trends to Watch Your office will never be normal again See What We Have Planned for Relativity Fest 2020 4 Tips for Counseling a Struggling Remote Employee ILTA>ON 2020 Delivers an Inspiring Conference, Emphasizing the Positive Want a Job in Legal Technology? Your Answer is Increasingly at ALSPs Meet the Star Witness: Your…

Can a Virtual Conference Add Enough Value to Charge Attendees?

Can a Virtual Conference Add Enough Value to Charge Attendees?

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen two of the bigger conferences in the legal tech and eDiscovery fields announce that they will be totally online this year. Relativity Fest will be 100% virtual, and free to attend. Meanwhile ILTA’s annual conference will likewise be online, but cost members $350 for the week, or…

Law Office Sign

Planning for Later in eDiscovery

During a recent ILTA webinar on coordination between outside counsel and a legal department on eDiscovery, I noted that a couple of the final points that were discussed were things that I think frequently get overlooked in the beginning of an ediscovery project. Phyllis Strader and Caroline Sweeney talked a lot about choosing whether to…