Oh Yeah That Other Risk For Firms from #ILTACON18 Day Two

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Yesterday, I wrote about the risks facing law firms from all around that came to mind as I sat through some of the sessions. Tuesday morning, I listened to Keith Lockhart from AccessData talk about responding to data breaches, and … Read More

Take Aways From #ILTACON18 Day One – All The Risks

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Monday at the 2018 ILTA Conference. The focus of the day is on innovation, but one thing that kept coming back to me, over and over, were the risks to the typical law firm, and their litigation support functionality, from … Read More

Off the Learning Pathway at #ILTACON2018 – Sessions I’m Looking Forward To Outside the Lit Support Path

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If you’re attending ILTA’s annual conference next week, I’m sure by now that you’ve seen the “learning pathways” that are a part of the sessions schedule. Naturally, there is a list of sessions designated the Litigation Support Professionals Pathway. It’s … Read More

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