Cool stuff!

Yeah, as you can see, I moved all the blogroll lists into so that way I can make changes on the fly and move at least those lists into new templates easier. It’s a pretty cool service, I must say. I have it set so that the order is random, every time you come to the page, the order should change, except for My Wife and my other blog, which will always be on top because we are the most important people to this site. (And yeah there’s a reason her’s is listed before mine, it’s called not wanting to be in trouble with the woman who knows where I sleep. *L*)

The other cool thing is that if one of the blogs on my lists appears on as having been updated in the last 3 hours, there will be a little “Updated!” tag next to it’s name on this page.

Anyone out there using Movable Type? You need to be aware of the important update they have on their site about deleting the files that the installation instructions tell you to delete! (link via Chris Pirillo)

Speaking of Chris, some congrats have to go out to him on getting a contract for year 2 at TechTV!

Medley is pointing to National Geographic’s Photo of the Day. You can even download the wallpaper size of the images. Too cool!

I’m off, the wife and our are planning our next big traveling adventure, a roadtrip to Gatlinburg, TN, which I would add to the Upcoming Events list over there, but apparently BloggerPro’s template server is on the fritz again, so I can’t make template changes. (Grr!!)

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