Linux piracy?

This is starting to get interesting. Is there proprietary Unix code inside of Linux and are all Linux users pirates? On the face of it that seems somewhat ridiculous, but if it’s in the courts, anything’s possible. SCO hasn’t gone public with their evidence, so it’s hard to say for sure what’s going to happen….

I have a question

Seeing that, when you call the telephone company, they can identify the number you’re calling from, and all the trouble reports that you’ve made for that number all without the need for human intervention, why can’t they automatically close “no dial tone” trouble reports when you call from the same number you reported the trouble…


So not only was I home sick yesterday, but our cable internet went on the fritz for a good part of the afternoon, and then, just as I was getting used to having it back, we discovered that the phone was dead. Talk about feeling out of it! It’s very possible that we will be…