Oh yeah the Knoppix CD has been burned and I did do a quick boot using it on my work machine, just to make sure I had a good CD. The setup didn’t find any soundcard. I’ve yet to have any Linux install configure the integrated audio on any of my PC’s that have that….


If you worked in sales for a relatively large, classroom computer-training company, and you had to make sales calls to IT people would you make any of those calls before 9AM? It’s not like I want to hear from you ever, let alone when I’m still working on my first cup of coffee!



Turns out the speed didn’t stay quite that high so the download will finish sometime this evening. No biggie, since the only CD-R’s I have in the office are 650MB anyway. I would have had to wait until I go home and grab a 700MB and burned tomorrow if it had finished by 5PM. 🙂…


So I’ve been trying out both the free version and the Status version of MSGTAG. Here’s my thoughts on the subject. Does it do what it sets out to do? Yes, when you download the program and enable tagging, there’s an HTML footer added to the end of your messages. In the free version it’s…