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Seeing that, when you call the telephone company, they can identify the number you’re calling from, and all the trouble reports that you’ve made for that number all without the need for human intervention, why can’t they automatically close “no dial tone” trouble reports when you call from the same number you reported the trouble on?

Yes our phone is working again, the outside line tech got it fixed yesterday, so there’s no need for the inside tech to come out Monday. But when you call them back to cancel that appointment, you have to meander through a long, complex automated system that tells you both what number you’re calling from and what open tickets you have. Seems to me that someone should build in an automatic report closing tool, instead of making their customers find the option to talk to a rep, and cancel the appointment.

I’m laying 5 bucks that says they show up Monday even though we canceled the appointment. Takers? 😉

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