On the road

Spent last night putting together a basic installation on Windows on the new laptop hard drive. I guess I should be glad that there’s a Microcenter close by and that they had some notebook hard drives in stock. Or I should be glad it went out while I was still home where I had access to all the proper installation CD’s! On the good side, I now have a 20GB HD instead of a 5GB. On the down side, $120 of my vacation money’s been spent before I even left the house! I think this vacation is going to be done on the cheap, cheap, cheap!

The other down side, of course, is that I didn’t get to spend my last evening in town just being with my wife. That sucks more than any monetary loss could.

Well, I’m off to grab a shower, and then I’ll be hitting the road. Hope those of you joining me in Des Moines have a safe trip, and the rest of you have a great day!

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