Excuse me…

Pardon the interruption in normal blogging patterns. I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time this afternoon losing an argument with a tape drive. I’m in the right on this argument, but I’m afraid it’s circular logic pattern has left us both stuck with quite the conundrum. (If a tape drive doesn’t detect a tape in the drive, that is, in fact, in the drive, how can you tell it to eject said tape?)

Actually this has happened before, a couple of years ago. A backup failed because of a bad tape, just like last night, and the drive ejected that tape and then simply stopped responding, even when you put another tape in. Getting it to respond requires re-starting the server. That might sound simply enough, but you’ve probably never had to shutdown all of the connections to your database, file storage and internal email at the same time in the middle of the work day, have you?

Thus the hazard of being on a single-server network! 🙂

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