Early birthday

I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to mention that my lovely wife picked up my birthday present a couple of weeks early over the weekend. Since we have thousands of digital photos sitting on the hard drive of my desktop machine at home, and I worry about the ability to back them up on CD and have those pictures last for years and years to come, her present to me, a Simpletech 120GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive that came with backup software, eased my mind about keeping all those precious photographic memories. All I had to do was plug the drive in, install the backup software, run a backup of the D drive on that machine, the one with all the pics and copies of both of my websites, and in a matter of 30 minutes or so, everything was backed up safe and sound! Nice.

As for the rest of the space on the drive, well I’m sure I’ll come up with many uses for the extra space I now have, stuff that doesn’t require being backed up as much as those important pictures!

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