I need a test machine..

I have downloaded XP Service Pack 2, but I have a problem. We only have 5 machines running XP here. They are all in use, and all came with OEM licenses for XP. In order to test how SP2 will affect things on a PC, I have to install it on my machine. My machine that acts as the “server” for passing out Symantec updates. My machine that I work on all day long. Installing it is going to put me out of contact with the email system and the rest of our network for the time it takes to install, and then the time it takes to fix whatever is being blocked by the firewall. Instead of having a “test” machine, I’m going to have to use our spare laptop as my main machine while I test on my main workstation. Ugh.

It’ll have to wait though, I’ve got month-end to deal with today, and there’s no way I’m doing accounting reports on that old laptop! ๐Ÿ™‚

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