Way to start the day..

Is there any better way to start the day than to see 3 emails from you former employer before you even leave the house to go to your current job?

Luckily, I was able to solve one of their two problems on the phone on the way to work by pointing someone in the right direction verbally, and solve the other once I got to work by simply finding another copy of a Word template that I had set-up for that network to publish Outlook calendars and sending it to them in an email.

This, one again, points out the importance of documentation and knowing what’s on your network. As soon as I learned that someone had accidentally deleted the template from the shared drive, I had two solutions, find another copy or make a trip over to their office to pull it off a backup. Knowing I had gotten that template from a link at Slipstick, I was able to find it and save myself a trip.

On the other hand, I still have to wonder about what their long-term plan is to handle these sort of situations. They aren’t going to be able to contact me forever. Eventually I’m going to have to cut them off.

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