Touchscreen Frame

On a trip to the Old Louisiana State House this weekend, I saw what happens when someone exits from the interactive touchscreen educational program, in the photo above. It was an interesting reminder that at educational sites and corporate events, these kind of displays are really nothing more than a computer monitor in a decorative display.

Which got me thinking about the possibilities…..

We’ve seen some touchscreens in bathroom mirrors, in dashboards, at a number of events, and countless kiosk-type places. Many of us also spend quite a lot of time looking at screens as part of our work lives. Given the choice, where would you put those screens? Would it make more sense to have one large screen that you could walk over to an interact with, or multiple screens around a room? Would you rather go Tony Stark style and project the screen anywhere you happened to be at the moment? (And, if you could, would you ever not be looking at a screen?)

Myself, I’d want multiple screens, in different places around the house. In the bathroom, I’d want a screen to select what to listen to, maybe with an NPR or BBC News app, or music apps, etc. Inform or entertain me while I get ready in the morning. Then show me traffic/weather by the door so I can reference it before I leave for the office. Then at the office, give me multiple monitors to work with, as I do now. But, let’s get away from the standard computer monitor. It’s boring. Let’s get to a wireless monitor standard, where I can take my monitor with me around the building. Something iPad sized that is still connected to my more powerful laptop back at my desk.

Other people might want one large monitor at their desk, large enough to stand at and move windows around, for example. But that monitor could be encased in anything. A frame? Part of a window, or in the wall? The only one I don’t really like, that we’ve seen, are the glasses. Call me old school, but I think it’s important to show people when you’re talking to them that you are not, in fact, also looking at a screen at the same time. With the eye gear, it’s impossible to do that.

Where would you put your monitors?

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