Linked – Twitter is making it way easier to ignore hateful trolls

Frankly, I think this is a better place for Twitter to focus. The previous attempts to “silence” trolls was full of hit and miss decisions about what was appropriate and what was not, and was clearly being decided upon by biased human beings. If you can’t define abuse without creating massive problems, maybe the best you can do is give people more tools to ignore it.

“Previously, users were limited in the ways they could mute other tweeters—not fun when users roll up in your mentions declaring “LOL your a 1DioT dummy LOLOL #MAGA.” Now, Twitter has expanded who you can preemptively mute.”

Of course, the downside is that Twitter will instantly become even more of an echo chamber, where you only ever hear from people you already know. But, I’ve given up on that argument, clearly most people actually want that, and get highly inflamed when confronted with ideas outside of their bubble. That’s why we have this problem to start with.

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