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Linked – This Australian AI Aims to Be a ‘Law Firm Without Lawyers’

This is an obvious use of AI in law, allowing clients the ability to respond to questions and get legal documents like a will without the much higher expense of a lawyer’s time. This, is the part that jumped out at me though:

“Much of the work these bots, and AI technology in general, do is typical of paralegals and assistants. Cartland noted, however, that Ailira’s “Law Firm Without Lawyers” “hired three new law graduates to service a practice that didn’t previously exist.”

“This will be replicated by myself and others over the coming years, and so there is a very bright future for the law,” he added.”

It’s not the serious legal analysis and reasoning of lawyers that AI is going to replace in the short term, it’s the stuff they normally hire staff to handle for them. The industry is going to automate routine work. If what you do can be automated, eventually that job will no longer exist.

That’s the sea change that will be upon all of society in the next few decades. How we deal with that is anyone’s guess at this point.

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