Linked: 4 Ways To Deal With Burnout

This NPR podcast offers some good tips for us as individuals, but I was glad to see that they also recognized that if work is causing us burnout, there’s another entity involved who needs to do something about it.

Employers and managers need to address burnout. Workplace culture has a huge impact on burnout, says Maslach. The absence of reward or recognition in the workplace, lack of social support or a sense of community, and the presence of unfairness, bullying and discrimination increase risk of burnout. That’s why Maslach and other researchers say that burnout is a systemic issue and that organizations need to take a systemwide approach to addressing it.

If you work in a place that looks the other way, or actively ignores, bullying and unfair behavior, all the self-care in the world isn’t going to prevent burnout. It takes the people who run the place to take that on and fix it. As we’ve said before, there’s only so much an individual can do when the workplace is the cause.


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  1. Thanks for the link to the good article. When faced with burnout, you don’t always know where to look for help.

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