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Spent a good amount of time switching over my Survivor of Child Abuse blog to blogger. I hadn’t really done much with it and so I simply started over. The commenting was something I was concerned about going in. I … Continued

Back Working

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Everything is back working again tonight, no communication about what happened, but that’s become completely expected. I did notice that I only got emails that were sent today, nothing from yesterday, so I may have missed some email, hopefully nothing … Continued

Decline of the Web

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John Dvorak on the possible decline of the Web. Interesting stuff, although I think he just needs to find blogs, that’s where the good stuff is happening on the web, where things are getting better and more diverse, unlike the … Continued

Windows XP patch

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Windows XP patch This is looking like a pretty serious security issue, and everyone is recommending to get it patched immediately. According to the bulletin, you are vulnerable if you are: Customers using Microsoft® Windows® ME or XP, or who … Continued

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