Decline of the Web

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John Dvorak on the possible decline of the Web. Interesting stuff, although I think he just needs to find blogs, that’s where the good stuff is happening on the web, where things are getting better and more diverse, unlike the … Continued

Windows XP patch

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Windows XP patch This is looking like a pretty serious security issue, and everyone is recommending to get it patched immediately. According to the bulletin, you are vulnerable if you are: Customers using Microsoft® Windows® ME or XP, or who … Continued


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I apologize for not getting any updates done, but frankly, I couldn’t. The site was down most of the day Tuesday, and all day yesterday. It finally came back online late last night, restored from backup, I assume because the … Continued

Opera Opinions

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Some more interesting stuff from Lockergnome. In today’s Tech Specialist Newsletter there’s someone else’s opinion of Opera, in case my opinion wasn’t enough! No tags for this post.

Scripting News Awards

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Cam doesn’t like the idea behind the Scripting News Awards, and isn’t afraid to tell us how he really feels. Meanwhile Geek Blog has some ideas on how it should be done. Daily Rotten has some interesting allegations on how … Continued

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