Firefox Hole

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the security hole in Firefox, and the “recommended fixes”. Here’s the thing though, turning off Javascript disables all those cool little Greasemonkey scripts, and turning off “Let website install software” just makes it more difficult for people to get extensions for Firefox. It’s those extensions and add-ons that make Firefox what it is, without them I’d just as soon go back to using IE, except for the tabbed browsing.

Guess it turns out that even Firefox is buggy, and you’d still better be careful about what you’re doing with it just as much as you are with IE, eh? Now how many of those security “experts” are going to go back and re-write their “How to keep your home PC safe” articles where they told people to simply “use Firefox” and they won’t have to worry about IE’s security problems any more?

BTW, the addition of Technorati Tags on these last few posts is a direct result of using a couple of Greasemonkey scripts on the Blogger page to let me add tags easily and change the way Blogger formats some things. If I disable Javascript, this becomes a much more involved process that I probably wouldn’t bother to do.

Update: Just to clarify, I’m not down on Firefox as a product, I’ll still be using it every day. Consider this more of an “I told you so” to all those writers who told home users to “Install Firefox and quit worrying about security”. It was a stupid thing to say then, and this just bears it out.

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