A simple upgrade

I got some details on what went wrong with the email on both sites and Movable Type on the other site over the last few days. Seems the hosting company did a Perl upgrade over the weekend, but did not include all the same modules in the upgrade as had existed in the previous version. So one of the required modules for MT, HTML:Template.pm, ceased to exist on the server! That’s why I couldn’t get any of the MT stuff to operate successfully. I also found that the LWP:UserAgent module was not installed any longer. It was also explained to me that somehow in the process of doing this upgrade, they made some changes to the DNS records of the mail servers and that was why email to both domains bounced despite the fact that both sites were still reachable.

Anyway, I was able to install those Perl mods into the extlib directory of my MT install, the DNS got corrected and it all seems to be back to normal. If experience in IT has taught me anything though, it has taught me that “back to working normally” is probably only a temporary situation, until the next upgrade goes awry! 🙂

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