Linked – Junior tech workers can’t find jobs. Are coding boot camps in trouble?

Linked – Junior tech workers can’t find jobs. Are coding boot camps in trouble?

The job market for people who can write code has fallen apart. Partly because of AI and partly because companies over-invested in engineers and tools that never could be as successful as they thought. (Remember when we were all going to be hanging out in the metaverse?) Of course, the people running these companies weren’t held accountable for those choices, but I’m past hoping that will ever happen. 

So, now the mantra will be “learn AI,” at least until that market isn’t everything companies are currently promising and we go through this whole thing again. 

It’s best not to get comfortable with anything in the current tech marketplace. The skills in high demand today won’t be those in high demand five years from now. If you’re entering college and embarking on a technology major, the tech will be changed by the time you graduate. 

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Linked – Microsoft Says Copilot Users Would Love It More If They Wrote Better Prompts

AI might eventually change the world. However, the technology that exists can be disappointing. Microsoft and other AI champions need to accept that and work to improve it. Telling people they aren’t prompting correctly isn’t how to get buy-in. It’s elitest for no reason.

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Linked: Don’t Forget to Name Your ‘Digital Executor’

As we head into the metaverse, or whatever the cool kids are calling it this week, this is only going to become more complex and more necessary. It won’t just be a social media profile and photos, it’ll be an entire identity in the crypto-blockchain space that will not be accessible to someone else without the appropriate transfer. Don’t leave it to chance. Your family is going to be dealing with enough.

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Linked: What Facebook Is Good For, and Why It Can’t Be Good Anymore

I’ve moved across the country a couple of times now. I’ve lived in 5 different states and have contacts and friends around the country. (And some outside of the US). Facebook, when it allows me to see someone’s new marriage, their kids, or even the sad things they are living with, provides the best way I’ve found to at least keep in touch in some small way with a lot of those folks.

It’s all the other stuff that makes Facebook terrible.

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Linked: The Metaverse Via Oculus Is Awkward if You’re a Woman. And Beware of Griefers

Why it’s almost as if trolls will be trolls, creeps will be creeps, and people will continue to be everything they are on social media or yes, even in person. Because while those who seem to think that the virtual reality and presence of a real voice will somehow dim the hate and harassment that comes from a network where you can be anonymous, we can see plenty of real-life examples where being identifiable didn’t stop anyone from acting this way. I mean, half the folks who took part in Jan. 6 bragged about it on social media for days. Do you really think a little VR is going to make them suddenly self-conscious?

It’s a humanity issue, not a tech issue. No “new” tech that allows people to interact in real-time is going to be without it.