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Here’s the info on that MSN Messenger Worm.

Amazon opens up bridal registry. Why didn’t they have this last year when I got married?

Slashdot editor proposes on front page -but was it only in response to the Amazon Bridal Registry? Was it just a case of needing to be an early adapter in it? *L*

Keygen routine producing valid WinXP product keys? -Not enough information on whether WPA is truly toast or not, but surely we all see the day when that’s coming, don’t we? We all know that WPA is much more about treating consumers as criminals than trying to stop hardcore piracy.

Radio 8.05 is out. Apparently some bug fixes and a few new improvements. If you’re a radio-head, user of Radio, you’ve been informed 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go move PC’s for the privileged people who are getting new carpet put in their offices and are incapable of moving their own PC’s.

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