Why we do backups, redux..

So Saturday night, after hosting two seperate holiday gatherings at our house, one Friday night, the other Sat afternoon, Angela asked me if I could grab the pictures off the SD card using my PocketPC, because she had left our card reader at work. OK, no problem. I plug the SD card into the PocketPC, stick it in it’s cradle to sync with the laptop, navigate to the photos folder on the SD card using the laptop, and instead of copying them to the laptop, I get the ingenious idea to just connect to the file server upstairs and copy them directly from the PocketPC to the D drive of the file server.

It was a slow copy, but it seemed to work, so I went off to bed thinking they were safe and sound. I was surprised then when Angela came in at 9AM to inform me that something was wrong with the file server. Apparently, the file system on D: was now corrupted and unreadable! I tried booting to just a command prompt and running chkdsk, and a few other tricks, but nothing made the D drive readable again. The only option left to me was to format the drive. Now, keep in mind, the D drive on my server is where we store all of our digital pics, copies of both our websites, and a number of other important documents. Good thing I got that 120GB external drive for my birthday this summer and had been doing backups of the D drive to it, eh? Took about 2 and a half hours to restore about 6GB of data, but it’s all there, well except a few pics we had taken since the last time I had done a backup. I should have done one as soon as I added those pics, but it could have been much worse, so I’m happy.

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