My brain hurts..

I think maybe I strained a muscle in my cranium somewhere with all this work the last few days. Let’s recap, shall we?

In the past few days I’ve added an RSS feed, an Email subscription list, Forum system, downloaded two freeware news aggregators, tested them and wrote up an article reviewing them, spent countless hours going over the scripts for the statistics, to no avail, and spent a few more hours evaluating other potential stats scripts, in case I can’t figure out what’s going on with these. (To no conclusions as of yet) And I spent some time cleaning up some of the database stuff that you won’t see, but that bugged me when dealing with them.

So now I’m realizing that I’ve not even read other blogs or paid any attention to the outside world except for the 3 hours I spent at the Blue Jackets game last night. Luckily, it’s a weekend and I probably haven’t missed much.

Anyway, I hope that all of these prove to be useful to some folks. That’d make it worth all the extra effort! And it would encourage me to keep improving on it, as of now some of it is a little rough around the edges. So I’m off to catch up on some blogs then to a family gathering to celebrate my brother’s 17th birthday and finally to come home and meet up with my wife, who’s been visiting her family all weekend, and spending some quality time with her. See ya’!

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