Moving on..

OK after the firestorm that blew through my own brain this morning, that was referenced in the last post, I’m mentally moving on now. After careful reflection, I don’t see any reason to stop what I’m doing now in regards to allowing THC customers to communicate with each other in the forums. It’s a public space, and they are more than welcome to enter it to defend themselves if they feel there is erroneous information being posted there.

Work is getting insane. Our company’s Annual Meeting is Tuesday, really the biggest event we do all year. The President gave us all the pep talk at last week’s Staff Meeting about how we need to buckle down in the days leading up to this and chip in to do whatever it takes to make sure everything is ready, no matter what it is and whether it’s reflective of your job title. Sacrifices need to be made for such an important event, etc., etc. yadda, yadda. So how is he contributing to the cause? He left at noon Weds. and has the rest of the week off for vacation. Exactly the sort of leadership example I’ve come to expect in my 5 years here!

Gosh I’m starting to sound bitter, I need our trip to Boston for a break!

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