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Brian is pointing to an article: Stealth P2P network hides inside Kazaa -let’s see, when you downloaded Kazaa you also agreed to let them use your computer to serve advertising to everyone else on the network and to basically access and do whatever they want with your processing power. Nice…

According to The Geek, Blogomania is having some serious problems with their provider and are looking at some serious downtime. He is impressed, especially after reading about THC in the Forum system here, with Christine’s effort at communicating with all their members and even suggests that maybe I’d be able to offer them some help by opening up the forum for their members to communicate while Christine tries to work this out. I’m already writing an email to her to offer exactly that! Of course this is assuming she can get email. I did send her an ICQ message as well, but if someone has a better way to get a hold of her and pass along the invite, please do!

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