Step one into an intranet

As I said yesterday, I thought getting a copy of Uniform Server would give me a quick and dirty way to create some sort of intranet for our office. I’ve been thinking of myriad ways we could use it, various forms and databases we could use with it, and I’ve gotten really pretty excited about doing it.

The first step, however, was making sure I had the hardware to do it. So I grabbed an old Windows Me machine that someone had “donated” to us, figuring that Me was a somewhat useless OS to use in an office environment, but since the OS wouldn’t matter at all, so long as I could run the server software over top of it. Of course, the first thing I had to do with that was get a stable OS running, cleaning up all the clutter of programs we don’t need, and cleaning up after a virus infection. (No wonder he was willing to give us this for free!) I’m not thrilled to use Me but it’ll do, afterall this is only going to be accessible internally, and there are only 25 people who work here, so my requirements are pretty minimal really.

Thankfully, I was able to do this, using TightVNC to continue to work on my own desktop while all this was going on. Nice open-source product!

Tomorrow, I’ll try and get an actual web server running on it.

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